AQMO at ISC20 – Workshop Proposal

Disclaimer: This workshop is currently under evaluation process. If approved, this webpage will display the detailed description and information for the following workshop.

ISC High Performance is one of the main HPC events of the year and will take place in Frankfurt from the 21st to the 25th of June, 2020.

The AQMO project aims to present its results to the HPC community at large so that it can share its findings in the path to transform the HPC model in the Big Data and Cloud era thanks to its innovative Data and Computing platform on Air Quality monitoring and modelling.

In an era where edge computing is increasingly being used in various use cases to take advantage of processing closer to sources, researchers combine IoT, edge, fog, cloud and HPC infrastructures in the so-called “computing continuum” to leverage the specificities of each layer.

The proposed title for this workshop is: “HPC as a service in a global workflow leveraging on the edge computing continuum: an application to urban air quality cartography and monitoring”.

Our workshop focuses on the research and engineering challenges met and the directions taken to deploy AQMO: an air quality surveillance application upon a hybrid edge-Cloud/HPC infrastructure. The specificities of the AQMO platform, such as the usage of IoT sensors ingesting streaming data, the challenge of intermittent connectivity and the need for lightweight software stack for the edge layer computational resources, the need of HPC as a Service to enable a seamless deployment of simulations and data analytics on HPC/Cloud resources, along with security and data privacy preservation… are some of the challenges that we address while enabling air quality simulations.

AQMO General Overview

The workshop will demonstrate the architecture, technologies and engineering solutions we developed in the context of the AQMO project (funded by CEF), which has been selected as an example in the SRA4 of ETP4HPC.

The organizers have already identified attendees and speakers (both from end-users’ and providers’ sides) who are interested in participating in the event.

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