Open Data is designed to enable the creation of new applications and to produce quality information to governing bodies and citizens.
Air Breizh already provides its data for free access:

For example the City of Rennes, through the House of Consumption and Environment and its program Ambassad’Air, has set up workshops for the display of the air quality index based on the flow set up by Air Breizh.

In the case of the AQMO project, the produced data and which will be accessible are:

  • The data sent by the sensors
  • Pollution distribution maps in the territory

These data will be integrated into the Metropolitan Public Data Service.


What is it?

The Law for a Digital Republic created in 2016 a state-run public data service that provides baseline data for all users.
Rennes Métropole, which has initiated a process of opening up its data (open data) since 2010, wants to go further and organize the sharing of data between the different actors of its territory: public and private data producers, researchers, associations and citizens.
Setting up a metropolitan public data service means implementing technical solutions and a legal framework that allows everyone to access the data they need, while ensuring the protection of sensitive data, in particular personal data of citizens.

What is it for?

The digital transformation of society makes the data ubiquitous in the city: they are produced by public services, by companies, by objects …
To work best, public and private services need access to a wide range of data from a variety of sources and of a heterogeneous nature.
The SPMD aims to assist data users in their access to datasets and their use.
Data sharing thus facilitates the digital transformation of public services, the emergence of new innovative services using data, and the transparency of public action, allowing many actors to imagine new uses using territorial data.


The AQMO project will generate a very large number of air quality measurement data. The Metropolitan Public Data Service will be in charge of disseminating this data to the various actors wishing to access it: general public, researchers, elected officials … All will need a level of detail and access to different data!

What data to disseminate in open data? Which data should be archived and for how long? How to allow researchers to reuse this data? How to facilitate their understanding by the general public?