A month, a partner: Ryax Technologies

CEO of Ryax Technologies, Andry Razafinjatovo is an engineer and alumni of HEC business school. He first started his career in the High Performance computing field as an architect and R&D team leader. He then cofounded Ryax Technologies with two of his partners, Yiannis Georgiou (CTO) and David Glesser (CPO), in November 2017. The company is developing a platform allowing the production of data science algorithms on hybrid On-premise, Edge, Cloud infrastructures.

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A month, a partner: Air Breizh

Within the AQMO project, our partner Air Breizh is represented by Manuel Chevé.

First having worked for about fifteen years in an IT services company, he is now responsible for all IT and digital aspects at Air Breizh – the association in charge of air quality monitoring in region Brittany, France. Among other things, he is the association’s Open Data contact point and works as the technical contact person for IT & networks, as well as for micro-sensor projects, including AQMO.

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