Public deliverables

Discover here the public reports published as part of the AQMO project:

Deliverable name
D2.1Report on the preliminary sensor platform
D2.2Report on the full platform and results of the measurement campaigns
D3.1Documentation of the first level of simulation service
D3.2Documentation of the extended simulation services
D4.1Architecture solution for HPC as a service
D4.2Prototype of a prediction tool
D4.3Exploitation cost model and management process for metropolis
D5.1AQMO workflow management system
D5.2Report on the analysis of visualization tools
D5.3Report on the deployment of visualization tools for the AQMO platform
D6.1Report on plateform integration
D6.2Report on deployment of best practices
D6.3Report on publication on National and European data portals
D7.1AQMO data management plan
D7.2AQMO platform reference manual
D7.3AQMO platform user manual
D7.4Report on the AQMO workshop