HPC as a Service

In summary, the AQMO approach is based on the following main elements:

Result of a numerical simulation with SIRANE
  1. SIRANE, a state-of-the-art numerical model for pollutant dispersion, which has been successfully integrated in AQMO
  2. The deployment of simulation as a service, developed at IDRIS (CNRS) by AmpliSIM and also made available on Cloud resources thanks to UCit
  3. A methodology for validating the simulation, implemented by Air Breizh
  4. Adapted access to IDRIS computing resources to enable simulation as a service
  5. An API to easily create, run, configure simulations provided by AmpliSIM

One important conclusion is that AQMO results allow to envision the deployment of a service at national and or EU level for air quality-related simulations, which would serve not only the organisations in charge of air quality surveillance but also metropolises that would use this tool to study changes in transportation etc. (i.e. explore ‘what if” scenarios).

More details available in D3.2.