AQMO at the Aristote workshop: the road to exascale

AQMO at the Aristote workshop: the road to exascale

François BODIN presented the AQMO project during the Aristote workshop “The road to Exascale” that took place Thursday 23rd May 2019.

Aristote is an association funded by INRIA, CEA, EDF and CNES. The association gathers research organisations, high schools, enterprises, SMEs and other associations. Its goal is to promote exchange of experience and innovation for digital technologies.

The workshop held 23rd of May was focused on exascale – a near revolution (as the first supercomputers that will reach the exascale are expected in 2020, 2021) that will impact all scientific communities.

Among the communications: an international overview of exascale initiatives given by GENCI and an overview of parallelism paradigms for the exascale infrastructures given by IDRIS – both partners of the AQMO project. AQMO has been presented by François Bodin, the project coordinator.

You can find all information related to this workshop on the Aristote website. (in French)