AQMO at InOut from 28 to 31 March

AQMO at InOut from 28 to 31 March

If you are keen on Smart Cities, mobility and new technologies, the InOut event in Rennes should be on your radars.

In 2018 more than 900 international experts and 20 000 citizens had an opportunity to discuss, to test or simply get to know new mobility solutions in the real time environment of the Rennes metropolis. This outstanding event will be back in 2019, from 28th to 31st March and we are strongly suggesting visiting it this year.

The AQMO project, which started in September 2018, is the first European attempt to provide an end-to-end smart city platform using HPC in air quality measurement. After six months of development we are ready to share the first prototype designed to gather data on air quality.

Keolis, one of the AQMO project partners, will present an electric bus, which will be equipped with sensors for display and demonstration onboard during the “Out” part of the event designed for the general public. These sensors will measure the air pollution and transmit data on an end-to-end urban platform that extends current practices in air quality measurements and analysis.

In addition to this demonstration session over the weekend, AQMO’s partners Université Rennes 1 and UCit will also have a workshop addressing mobility from the perspective of Open Data on 29th March, during the “In” part of the event which is designed for professionals.

The AQMO platform aims to provide citizens, local authorities, scientists and private companies with new data and innovative services based on computing simulation.

The project uses a transversal approach – spanning from micro-sensors to supercomputers – in order to deliver day-to-day data. AQMO intends to explore the use of High-Performance Computing (HPC) to create value for citizens, on one hand, and to back decision-making by public authorities on the other hand.